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My Story

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My own experience comes from many years working in varying sectors of finance and service. 

Working for one of the largest insurance companies locally, I spent time looking after client’s personal life and mortgage insurances as well as personal pension plans.

I was heavily involved in the streamlining of its business using a great method known as Systems Thinking

 (*Systems Thinking- Identifying broken or redundant processes and changing or removing these to add value).

From this position, I then spent some time working in retail banking as an account manager, helping my customers to make the most out of their financial situation.

Due to changes in banking structures, I decided to move on. It was then that I was invited to become a partner in a local bistro venture. Here I experienced first-hand, the trials and tribulations of working for yourself. A wife and four children later, I have decided I would like to help others succeed with the aim of removing some of the stresses that can come with running a business, juggling finances and life itself, which at the best of times can be tricky.

Let Me Help You


After many years of training and qualifying through leading accountancy firms and institutes, my aim is to now assist as many sole traders and small businesses non VAT registered reach their full potential with dedicated and personable support.

Professional Backing and Support


Sometimes you can receive support, to then find yourself more confused by jargon and outcomes than you were before. My working ethos is to put things in a way that is clear for you, helping you to take control of your business.

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