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Basic Income and Expenditure

Tax Returns

Full Bookkeeping and Statements.


As stated, we will tailor our solutions around what it is you require

.If you are simply looking for someone to keep track and document your daily, weekly and monthly income and expenditure, so you can review this periodically and see

  • Your cash flow
  • Who you have been paying.
  • Who has been paying you, 

then this can be set up, alongside Bi Monthly bank reconciliations.

I can meet with you, and after discussion, put this in place. 

This can be by way of simple monthly spreadsheets or on one of the  trusted partnered computerised accounting systems. Whichever works best for you.The solution we agree to has to meet your needs. After all, it's your business, and I want to help you grow. 

Full Bookkeeping and Statements.

Tax Returns

Full Bookkeeping and Statements.


  As with the basic Income and Expenditure, but more detailed and in depth. Here we record all of your funds in and out of your business, but broken down into categories that will then help to provide you with detailed information for who owes you money, how long they have owed this for, and when it is due. The same would go for anyone you owe any money to. From here, I  can produce various financial documents, and management reports , which can help you plan for the future, and pin point issues, and fine tune the business.

 One of these is called a Profit and Loss statement. This important financial statement is sometimes referred to as a "P&L". Sometimes it's called an income statement. This statement shows the revenues and expenses of the business, and if you have made any profit or loss, over a specific time period (a month, a quarter, or a year) If you would like this done weekly, so you can have an instant picture week by week,  this can be arranged.Whilst this is done, I run a monthly bank reconciliation for the accounts to make sure everything is as it should be.

Tax Returns

Tax Returns

Tax Returns


The end of year returns.

This part never really appeals to anyone running a business, but it is important. This is where you tell HMRC how much revenue and profit you have made in the last accounting year, and how much in expenses you have had to pay out. We all have a personal allowance we can earn tax free, So we need to make sure all of your allowable business expenses that occur in the day to day running of your business help to reduce your final tax payment. This is where I will help. Either by assisting you to complete the self assessment, or acting as a tax agent with HMRC to do your return for you with your permission. With all your income and expenses recorded with Keeping Track Bookkeeping, this should be easy enough.

Taxation can be a tricky thing, and it is your responsibilty to provide me with all of the inovices and reciepts etc needed to make sure we get you the best help. 

cloud services explained

Online Cloud Accounting and Record Keeping



There are now newer , easier, and faster  ways to do all of your account recording and preparations. There are even apps that will allow you to snap a picture of  receipt or invoice, and it will automatically update your accounts for you! The document is then stored securely on the cloud accounting system for you as well. Handy if you are out and about. 

 I can demonstrate this for you, and then set you up so you can see your accounts as they are populated.

If you want to be more hands on, set you up to doing your own entries first hand, and receiving dedicated phone support for this, and work remotely with you.

Working with cloud accounting  programs, such as Quickbooks , Xero , Kashflow, I can help you to understand today's technology advancements that will help you to easily keep track of everything throughout the year.

Ask for more details about cloud accounting to find out more.

Have You Heard Of Making Tax Digital ?


What is it all about?

As part of the government’s plans to make it easier for individuals and businesses to get their tax right and keep on top of their affairs , they have introduced Making Tax Digital.

Why the change?

The aim of Making Tax Digital (MTD) is for HMRC to become one of the worlds most digitally advanced tax recording administrations.

How will it benefit me?

  1. Tax recording / reporting will be more efficient.
  2. Submitting tax information will be more effective and precise.
  3. Making sure you are paying the right taxes and not paying too much , which no one wants to do !

It may seem rather confusing, but once we help you get to grips and understand the new process, it couldn't be simpler. Being a ProAdvisor for making tax digital, and registered with HMRC enables me with your authority, not only to put systems in place to record your tax obligations, but submit these for you direct to HMRC. 

Where can i find out more

If you want to do some reading on Making Tax Digital yourself, click on the link below for full details.